Becky + Jordan : engagement

Happy Friday!

It's been a beautiful week. I love these 70-and-sunny fall days. So much.

Someday when we live in another place I know I'm really going to miss Old Hideaway. Such a great getaway.

This week I recorded a cover of Lana Del Rey's (unreleased) song Black Beauty and made a music video out of home-videos I've taken this year. I've been wanting to make some Lana-inspired videos (like Video Games, and many other old songs she put to video-collages) and now that I've tried it once, I'm hooked. It's more than capturing memories through photos, it's moving pictures and personal experiences put to the progression of my own experiments at music. It's a photo album...but better.

I don't know. Just something I'm trying. But here it is, and hopefully there will be more.

NOW. That's not all. Today I've got some of my favorite photos from an engagement shoot with Becky + Jordan. I met Becky back in high school and hadn't seen her in for-ev-er. Turns out...she's as gorgeous and hilarious as ever, and I loved getting the chance to hang out with her and her fiance alone in the woods. Well...we weren't totally alone, there were some dudes dressed as Jedi or something filming a sword-fight nearby so we felt pretty safe. 

Loved hanging out with you, Becky + Jordan! Can't wait for your wedding day...but in the meantime, come to a dance party, aright!?