Fall is here. Let me start by saying apple chai is where it's at...not pumpkin spice lattes. You're welcome.

I spent this afternoon taking selfies-----I mean creating self portraits. Whattup, gen-y!

I'm back in action with tons of new photos to work on and to post and to send out and AH! So many new ideas and people to shoot as well. It was a wonderful summer but I'm loving the new season and all it brings (minus the allergies). Keep your eye out for some new exciting things and in the meantime, like The Marginal Things page, follow me on all that social media sauce.........and watch this Hudson Branch video because it stole my heart today.

If you haven't already checked out their kickstarter page, please do! You can get the 2 new singles, pre-order the upcoming album, get a t-shirt, visit the guys in the studio, come to the release party (with me!), and even get a show and a laser-lit dance-party depending on how much you donate. I love these guys because they make inSANEly good music, are sICKeningly talented, and extremely hard working and passionate. I mean, Corey works 2 jobs and STILL spends his days off playing music with these guys. They all work so hard just to be able to survive, and play music on their time off when they could be relaxing. I'm so inspired and a little jealous that they have so much drive and desire to do something so awesome without any knowledge of what's in their future. If you have it in your heart, or your wallet, throw them some change! They deserve it. THANKS, guys!

ANYway! Let's start things off nice n easy. Just a few photos for you of the lovely Brianne (who you might remember as the one who did a dove-release) on her birthday trip to Vegas in July. Clearly this girl knows how to commemorate things. She's on a roll. And she wore the hell outta this dress. See you for new years, Bri?