Night Mere

Almost done catching up on photos.

These are from December (yikes) when I tried using an external flash for the first time. Meredith was a champ, as usual, on the cold rainy night way back when. I must was super different than what I'm used to but really fun to experiment with. Poor Meredith must have let out a big breath for me to shoot like 100 times.

I just realized this is the first post of Meredith I've done on this site. That's insane. I've taken more photos of Meredith over the years than anything or anyone else! I'm glad she's finally making an appearance here and I'm looking forward to many more shoots coming up! Sorry it took so long for you to see these, Mere...but summer is finally here and we have huge.plans.ahead. I cannot wait for all of the adventures we have planned. This summer is going to be legen----wait for it...

Love you, Mere. <3