Ready for some pictures of snow?! Today's photos are from February. But that means I'm catching up.

First of all, don't forget to vote for some of my nearest-and-dearest who are in the TOP TEN finalists for Folgers (coffee!) jingle contest. You can vote once a day, and you even have a chance to win money by voting. Here's the link.

Now. Today's photos are special because they're of my fellow bandmate(!!!) Kelsey. When I called her up to take these photos back in February, I barely knew her. She was kind enough to let me photograph her in our driveway, and afterwards we went out for some cakepops.

Since February, we've fallen in love, made music together, eaten more burgers and candy and treats and cakepops than I could count, and started a real-life band. I knew I liked her when we settled on the band name Woolridge...which is Lana Del Rey's real middle name. I don't think it's an overstatement to say this was a match made in heaven. #blessed.

Kelsey. How. How did we get here. It's weird looking at these photos because we had no idea where we were headed...and we still don't...but my lawd you're the most fun I've had.

Too far? 

K, here are the photes. Love you, Kelsey.

(Oh and check out Woolridge if you haven't! Like us on facebook...and we'll play music for you.)