Happy spring.

It's been busy as usual but here I am again. Trying to finish up the photos I have so I can get out there and take more!

Besides the usual happenings, I've also started a musical project which is exciting and new and a little scary. You can see all of that excitement on our Woolridge facebook.

Today you get to see some pics of my little sis, her bunny Sam, and her puppy Nessie. She was a great sport. She even sat in the snow in my moms fur coat holding her bunny like baby Simba. Just one of those things I had to try. I only took these about a month ago, so why did she skip to the front of the line with pics that I finally get around to posting? Well, because I owe her one after I made a meme of her. 

Sorry, Jen. I had to. And just look at how you've blossomed. I truly cannot believe how much you've grown up. You're gorgeous. And I love you.