Oh my.

2013, you are flying by. I think I need to kick things up a notch and start editing sooner, posting faster, and cranking out more shoots! And maybe I guess I could set some goals for my life, but that will come later.

For now, I give you Agnes. One of the nicest girls you'll ever meet, and also freakin' awesome. She does hula hooping, which I'd never really heard of as a sport before, and once we met, we both wanted to collaborate. 

This shoot was particularly fun for me because I've never been one to use lighting or a flash, but since she had an LED hoop, we had to do some in the dark. It was good for me to try new things and experiment in ways I haven't tried yet. Also, I couldn't help but ask Agnes to try a flaming hula hoop, which she so bravely did. It was complicated, as there are many things involved with a flaming hoop that we discovered along the way, but I had some wonderful assistants at this shoot...thankfully. :)

Thank you Corey, Meredith, Lindsay, Chris, and of course, Agnes. This was a blast!

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