Alot of big things happened this past week. A couple months ago, Hudson Branch collaborated with Andy Mills creating a radio piece entitled "Kohn".

 You can listen to it here: Kohn by Dogs On Tour

We all had such a great time collaborating on last year's "Music For Winter" that we gave it another go.

Similar to the song entitled "I Don't Know" on that album, we incorporated elements of music inspired by speech and tempo of Kohn Ashmore's interview with Andy.

I made a quick video to promote the radio piece on Hudson Branch's website:

At first, the piece was just something fun and new to try out. Then it started getting a little attention from our friends at NPR.

The NPR program "Radiolab" decided to create an entire 20-minute radio piece inspired by "Kohn".

After weeks of tweeking and editing, and tons of built up excitement...the episode went live last week. 

You can listen to their version of the story here:

 In the same week, we accepted an award for "Best New Artist" at the Third Coast Filmless festival for "Kohn"

We got chances to shake hands and converse with Jad Abumrad and Jonathan Goldstein. Nerds like us.

Not a bad week. Even more great things planned in the weeks ahead.

 Stay tuned for more updates.

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