Is it too soon to say Season's Greetings?
Couldn't you say Season's Greetings during any season, really?
Either way!
We're back. So much going on! I've been working at Starbucks for 2 weeks now, I'll be finishing up the semester shortly, and Corey & the rest of the Hudson Branch guys have lots more to look forward to...including a show with S. Carey on December 2nd and a trip to New York City in the works!? Stay tuned...
Between everything going on, we managed to find time to go skydiving, so I thought I'd share some of the moments here. Yeah, I thought I was really cool...until I saw the youtube video "81 year old Margaret goes skydiving". I think she beats me for coolness factor. 
Anyway, we went with Emily, Robert, Adam, and Jake. It was the day before Halloween, so we really took that as an opportunity to dress up. Obviously. 

It was a blast, and yes, it was terrifying. It didn't seem very dangerous, but I didn't care if I was in danger. I was just scared to jump out of a plane, that's all.

Unfortunately, when we got there they said there was a 1-2 hour wait. Welp, we didn't wanna miss our chance so we waited.......and waited...........and waited.................and waited.

By the time it was our turn we had been there for 6 hours. Now, I don't mind waiting, but I'm not gunna lie. Going skydiving when you haven't eaten for 20 hours and you are incredibly dehydrated is probably not the best idea. But you do watcha gotta do. So tip #1 for those of you who are considering this in your future, eat breakfast. And bring food and water. Let the adventure begin...

Just giving the fans what they want...

Did I mention it was freezing up there?

Annnnnd here begins the most embarrassing pictures of me in history...for serious.

And as if those weren't embarrassing enough, let's finish strong...

And here is Corey, watching me jump out of the plane. For some reason, he looks less worried than the girl on the right.

So happy! hahaha

Corey was a professional when it came to the "landing position". He was so ready.

Perfect form.

Just look at that face.

What a trip. As you can see in the video that Corey edited (thank you!), I couldn't stand up when we landed. I was so dizzy.

Now, I'm not sure if you'll think this is as funny as I do (and I really, really do), but Corey put the video to this very special song as was my request. High five to the first person who knows what movie this song is from. I cannot stop laughing about it! Let's just say this movie was a musically-narrated, family-friendly cartoon that was an Ingraham-family favorite when I was a kid. I mean, there wasn't much else to choose from at that very G-rated stage in our lives....enjoy! ;)


Alot of big things happened this past week. A couple months ago, Hudson Branch collaborated with Andy Mills creating a radio piece entitled "Kohn".

 You can listen to it here: Kohn by Dogs On Tour

We all had such a great time collaborating on last year's "Music For Winter" that we gave it another go.

Similar to the song entitled "I Don't Know" on that album, we incorporated elements of music inspired by speech and tempo of Kohn Ashmore's interview with Andy.

I made a quick video to promote the radio piece on Hudson Branch's website:

At first, the piece was just something fun and new to try out. Then it started getting a little attention from our friends at NPR.

The NPR program "Radiolab" decided to create an entire 20-minute radio piece inspired by "Kohn".

After weeks of tweeking and editing, and tons of built up excitement...the episode went live last week. 

You can listen to their version of the story here:

 In the same week, we accepted an award for "Best New Artist" at the Third Coast Filmless festival for "Kohn"

We got chances to shake hands and converse with Jad Abumrad and Jonathan Goldstein. Nerds like us.

Not a bad week. Even more great things planned in the weeks ahead.

 Stay tuned for more updates.

Model Mere

Finally done with midterms, so here I am posting some photos from Meredith's short visit, some of which you may have seen here. Since she was only home for a matter of hours, we had to work quickly. These photos were taken over by Judson on our way to pick up Cobey as we were heading to Chicago to start recording.

The shoot pretty much went like this: "Meredith! I bought this lacy dress at goodwill! Can you put it on and walk in the river? We have 30 minutes!"

And then magic happened. She's just good at it.

Enjoy these highlights and stay tuned for some upcoming news from Corey and the band!

Thanks again, Mere!! You're a champ. Come home soon!

In The Studio

I spent this past week recording our second full-length album.

It was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

I spent a whole lot of time documenting the experience through video, so I look forward to slowly releasing those as we get closer to the release date of the actual album.

We took about 3 years writing this latest album.

...Slowly piecing together an album that I am super proud of.

I really think you are going to love what you hear.

Music has always been a huge part of my life.

Ever since I watched That Thing You Do for the first time as an 8 year-old, I very quickly realized that drumming was THEE coolest thing a person could ever do.

Thankfully I've had the same guys to play music with for all these years.

Erica from Anathallo (one of our favorite bands) even sang some vocals on the record.

Pretty surreal....

Anathallo was the first show I saw when I went to college. They literally made us transform the way we started writing...and now she's singing on our latest album.

It's been a crazy couple of years piecing together and developing this next chapter of our lives. But I truly think we've got something special this time.

I don't know of any musicians that bring in a DSLR to their studio experience to video every moment of it, but I'm thinking it was probably one of the better decisions I've ever made.

So I leave you with a series of "preview" clips to sum up the studio experience.

Let us be your indie secret.


Wedding post!

Hello there. Me again. Corey is going to be busy busy busy all week recording the next Hudson Branch album in Soma Studios, so I figure I'll step up and give you guys a little wedding post.

Now, if I could, I would write all day about the wedding. I would tell you how it was dreamed-up, how it came together, who put it together, how it went down, and thank every last person who made it all possible. But I don't have all day, and neither do you, so I'll just do what I can with what I've got. If you're interested in some of the details of the day coming together, and the how&why we did it all, I'm doing a project in one of my classes about wedding planning & personalizing. So if you're interested, check back in about 2 weeks and I'll have it alllll on the web...just in time for mid-terms. Whew.

Alright, I've narrowed it way down for this post to 12 highlights. (not bad when picking from about 800) Our photographers were Ben+Mindy from Studio 6.23, and they were SUPERB. They captured the day as beautifully as I remember it.

This day was simply beautiful. It was everything I hoped&dreamed it would be. Corey and I had a blast together and we are SO incredibly grateful to those of you who dreamed with us, planned with us, survived the 105 degrees with us, and just celebrated with us. The point of this day was to celebrate Corey&I starting our lives together, and we did it in the best way we knew how. I'm not just some 'have an insane wedding' girl. We really did the things that made us feel like our best selves, and did our best to include our loved ones. I could not be more excited about where life has taken us...Corey is a blast. The wedding was a blast too. :)

A few of those people that really did 'make it all possible' were:

My parents (how were they nice enough to have faith in us and fund this crazy project?!)

My brother Andrew (who popped up out of nowhere the week of the wedding and built pretty much anything you see that required a hammer and nails...champion!)

Kalyn, Meredith, and the girls that helped you bring the vision to life...and kept me sane and having fun while you were at it!

Every one of you guys who built&tore down the ferris wheel. You had no idea what was comin' to ya, but you were all so incredible.

Jayden&Caroline who helped us get connections and connect with each other. Not to mention extra photos - even in the 10 minute rainstorm!

Our wedding party whom we love. We couldn't have asked for a better group of family&friends to be there for us.

The Hudson Branch guys (minus Corey;), who were the soundtrack to our ceremony. You guys are ridiculously talented. Thank you for your beautiful music. So excited that I "married in" according to Cobey....

The photographers, videographers(watch it! impressive.), Amy Brooks, kitchen-crew, and EVERYONE else who really stepped up where they saw the need. We had so many extra helping hands that I did not even expect. Devin, Kelsey, random church-neighbor, Aunt Ann (who gave me her very own golden hair-ribbon when I was dying of heat!), Aunt Judi, Aunt Julie, Aunt Mari, Susan, Jade, Kaylie, Kaycie, Kailyn...oh my gosh, you were all angels. I'm sure I don't even KNOW of everyone who helped out, but you guys are wonderful. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

And finally...our wonderful guests who celebrated with us. The close-by friends to the long-distance family, we had such a blast with you guys. You are all champions for staying out in that excruciating heat. We loved laughing with you, eating with you, dancing with you, and throwing glitter at you! (sorry;) We love you guys! Props to Kellie, my now-sister, who was 9 months pregnant at the time! Not to mention my other now-sister Christie, who had just had a baby! Sheesh, you ladies. You win.

Ahhh, and while I'm at it...thanks, Corey, for asking me to marry you. Glad I did :)